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Our Services

Hassan Fathy's design

Which is a cheap pro environmental technic introduced by Hassan Fathy back at the beginning of 1900 and it lasted till now and proved it’s effectiveness

Office Building Design

No longer marked by gray, uniform rows of cubicles, offices have become more personalized and employee-centric than ever, giving people a more comfortable place to spend their working hours. New approaches to office customization and the way employees interact are breathing new life into the workplace.

Residential Design

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. With years of experiences and continuing research, our team is ready to serve your interior . We’re happy to make you feel more comfortable on your home design needs

Work processes

  • First step
  • Design and Create
  • Implementation
  • Delivery

Create an initial view of your project (Apartment – Villa – Administrative Building – Residential Building)-(internal-external) And discussion about them

The work site is received and all the permits issued for the project are studied, the rules and regulations of the work are studied, and the implementation is started through the executive boards and the credits from the previous stages and the use of specialized experts of engineers and technicians

Permits are issued and work is done to start the work done by relying on engineers and technicians based on the executive boards and credits in the previous step.

Delivery of the project through the delivery of certificates of guarantee and credits for works if any and delivery of identical plates for what was executed in case of request and then follow up the work to ensure the quality and maintenance during the period of one year from the date of the project.

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